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We've been making build-to-order software for the last 10 years. Our competences include software development cycle, IT projects realization and consulting services for IT products implementation. Besides software engineering, our area of expertise regards knowledge-based systems and data-driven processing. We employ artificial intelligence methods to equip the software we make with data awareness since data plays an ever-increasing role in modern business environments. Our team is made up of passionate professionals from different backgrounds who contribute to one-of-a-kind collected experience. We have been involved in a variety of projects ranging from highly innovative startups to structured multi-party enterprise undertakings. We know how to address and deal with both corporate requirements and startup needs


We provide expertise in software-based services, both for enterprise-level IT projects and innovative startup ventures. Our mission is to be a reliable partner in a digital journey of your business


Our competitive advantage is a unique combination of expertise in software engineering and artificial intelligence methods. We combine machine learning and semantic technologies with software development


It is neither software nor processes, not high performance nor even perfect design that matters the most. It's all about delivering useful value and reaching business goals. We know what counts


Continuous improvement lies at the heart of our activity. It's fueled by research results that we implement in our products and services. Supported by cooperation with AGH-UST in Kraków

We provide software house services including software design and development, systems maintenance, agile IT projects management and software-related-business-aware consulting services. Our main focus is on business support applications, online transaction processing, SQL and noSQL database systems and software-based new business ideas. We rely on open source technologies, in particular Java technology stack and PHP
Enterprise-grade solutions require business processes identification and decision support tools augmented with seamless integration in corporate environments. The thorough analysis, with agility in mind, sets an appropriate starting point for architectural design and is followed by careful selection of tools and frameworks. BPM environments coupled with explicit business rules provide a clear and flexible platform for workflow solutions
Semantic Web technologies plays an important role in knowledge-based systems. When complex information processing is at stake, we employ logic representation to enable reasoning and explicit semantics of domain data and business artifacts. Data semantics expressed in ontologies facilitates automatic processing, meaningful querying and allows more efficient interoperation between miscellaneous systems exchanging data
Intelligent behaviour is largely determined by the ability to learn and adjust to changing environment. We use machine learning methods and automatic reasoning to enhance software with adaptability and self-improving capabilities, forecasting in predictive applications or mining in data. Besides allowing us to deliver better software products, they make it possible to analyze big datasets thus gaining a valuable insight and reasoning over data


BMW Group
Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne
Llentab Group
Logwin Poland
Bergerat Monnoyeur
Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Lubuskiego
Szpital Specjalistyczny im. Jana Pawła II w Krakowie

We have been implementing e-commerce platform in cooperation with Esensive. They have delivered exactly what we needed, helping us overcome all technical difficulties regarding legacy systems. Excellent communication, problem solving skills and reliability

Adam Karolak, Head of E-marketing, WSiP

Thanks to the cooperation with Esensive we have significantly shortened the process of sales support settlement which clearly improved dealers' cash flow. The digitization of everyday business processes has opened the possibilities for further improvement in other areas of activity in Poland as well as implementation of provided software solutions on different markets (Czech Republic, Hungary)

Grzegorz Sieczkowski, Head of Sales Planning and Steering, BMW Polska

Esensive brings fully professional performance based on deep process understanding. Their technical skills and communication allow you to express your needs and requirements as a user, and you can expect recommendations and solutions at a really high level of delivery. I appreciate excellent cooperation, flexibility, timing and issue-solving initiative.


We care about the meaning of what we do and of what is to be done. We care about efficiency of efforts made and funds spent. We care about the overall performance and validity of what is being delivered. We care to make sense. We present principles which guide us


We cannot stress it enough: the real business value is all that matters at the end of the day. We never forget it and we dive deep into the domain business


Communication transparency and mutual trust are the foundations of our relationship with clients and partners. Business value is built upon values in business


Active customer's involvement in a software development lifecycle is crucial for delivering a successful product and requires regular validation by future users


We believe the essential feature in value-based software development is an iterative and incremental process which enables involvement and builds trust. We use SCRUM as an operational framework

Sales and operations support
BMW Group
Deployment and long-term maintenance of sales and operations support system for BMW Group Central and Southeastern Europe. The set of business processes covered includes cooperation with dealer network, sales support, applications management, discount and settlements execution, financial controlling, vehicles logistics and stock management. We have delivered and integrated within corporate environment a cloud-based solution to drive and support business operations involving hundreds of users in several CE countries
Integrated online sales
WSiP Publishing House
High traffic sales support solution for online book selling has been delivered and integrated with the existing CRM, SSO and content management systems thus fitting seamlessly within the existing work environment. A comprehensive offer management tools with sophisticated rule-driven pricing policy were implemented to handle high load of online transactions. The challenge was to couple computationally complex domain with high demand for online responsivness and user experience
Cloud of Trust
The project's objective was to design and develop an innovative, cloud-based environment for digital documents, identity verification and online signatures in order to speed up document flow and contracts conclusion. A generic solution is open for both consumer and business users. R&D activities were a vast part of the project, which posed various tech questions as well as legal ones. It has been an excellent opportunity for cooperation with an interdisciplinary team of professionals
ML powered energy level prediction
Machine learning prediction engine for wind turbine energy production. Its job is to predict future energy level production based on weather forecast and past statistics. Integrated with onsite gauges and accompanied with an application for financial forecasting and tracking tools. Appropriate model selection had to be preceded with a number of historical data-analysis experiments. The green energy forecast improves in course of time while more and more data is collected


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